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Star Gazer is pretty early in development, so there is not a whole lot you can do in it at the Moment. Scroll down if you want to know waht the plans for the game are and scroll even further down to see what the reality currently looks like. You can also help me make this a better game by giving feedback (in the comments for now, I'm looking at other avenues). I'd really appreciate it.

What it will be in the Future (Hopefully)

Set in the near future (2025-30) climate change has finally turned out to be a real thing. Since it's a bit late to turn back the clock (also pretty expensive) a multinational business consortium has financed a mission to find an earth replacement for humanity to live on in the future.

You're that mission. Equipped with a crappy moon rover clone, you have to jet from planet to planet collecting probes that can point you to the new Earth. On your way you must deal with treacherous terrain of foreign planets, space debris ( all kinds of other obstacles as well) and (obviously) aliens.

Collecting a Probe:


You explore space with a clunky Moon Rover like vehicle (we'll call it Explorer from now on). It can drive on planets and also has rocket propulsion mounted to the bottom. Rocket Fuel is limited as well so maneuvering cleverly with thrust and steering nozzles is essential to getting from planet to planet. This probably explains it better.

How to Play

The Explorer is always in one of two modes, drive or space.

When in drive mode you can steer the wheels and power goes to the wheels. When in space mode you can use the steering nozzles to rotate (or otherwise maneuver) your explorer. You can change modes at any time but the steering nozzles have little effect under strong gravity (on planet) and wheels are obviously not great in space.


In both modes you can use the rocket propulsion, either to get somewhere in space or to "jump" while driving.


  • Steering (Space and Driving): Arrow Keys (Left, Right) or Left Joystick
  • Switching Modes: Right Alt or R1
  • Accelerate: Up Arrow Key or R2
  • Accelerate Backwards: Down Arrow Key or L2
  • Brake: Left Control or Circle
  • Boost (Thruster): Space or X
  • Pause Menu: Escape or Options

I'm using a PS4 Dual Shock Controller but other Controllers should work as well. Let me know if they don't and I'll try to fix it.

Release Notes:

  • v0.11 intro just on start-up and controls panel in tutorial level

Some more GIFs:

Mission Menu:

More driving and flying:

Another Landing:


Star Gazer Windows 62 MB
Star Gazer Linux 32 MB
Star Gazer.app.zip 32 MB


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Hey thanks for the review, I appreciate it. The intro now only shows up when you launch the game (started to really bother me too) and next update will be a level that isn't a tutorial just in name ;).


insanely cool game!